This blog is a kind of Lego and minimalism conglomerate. Lego creations simplified to the bone.

Lurking around will hopefully get you idea or two for your next Lego Duplo creation along with some building instructions. Ideas are made out of mainly standard simple bricks. It surely is great to see all those 1000+ bricks creations, but not everyone is loaded with so many.

Packed with various robust bricks, my idea is to capture random silhouettes of animals, vehicles, objects, cartoon characters, etc. as simple as it gets. Some of them require more bricks than the others, depending on their distinctive shape.

Creations are sorted according to type, reachable via menu at the top of the page. Each creation even has an additional comment, those can be found under blog.

Therefore, feel free to expand your horizons with these ideas!


Lego Duplo ideas


Recent updates:

22nd of January 2018: Ups, time passes quickly :) My first moving creation added – a horse.

6th of May 2016: new creations added to various galleries.

20th of April 2016: 3 new creations added to gallery.

3rd of April 2016: Major update to a vehicle line and a few page alterations.