Highly distinctive beast, one of Africa’s most fearsome animals, an African lion. I opted for a really big head, which I took from my T rex creation. To get the curves of the silhouette somehow right, I used a long brick to implement and integrate a lower jaw and the back of the animal. I tried to keep creation small and therefore made a body smaller (proportion-wise) in comparison to the head. You’ll notice that I used a body similar to my dog and wolf creations, so it’s pretty basic. Due to overall strength of this animal I used basic 2×2 bricks for the legs.

Overall I’m satisfied with the final build, but there is some room for improvements on the body – it came out a bit thin.

Lego Duplo lion

Lego Duplo lion

Big yellow bird (Sesame street)

This time another old school cartoon hero (puppet) – big (yellow) bird from Sesame street franchise. I used a round-edged “Octan” brick, which I preously used for a concrete mixer truck. Brick itself is made for a gas station sign. Another pretty rare brick is a triangle-shaped brick, used for a neck extension/back of the head.

Lego Duplo veliki rumeni ptič (Sezamova ulica)

Lego Duplo big yellow bird (Sesame street)


There are many types of whales out there. I took a silhouette of a very distinctive “giant sperm whale”. Althought a funny name, this beast is known as the largest tooth predator. You might have trouble finding a brick I used for a tail – it should work with 2×4 or 2×8 too.

Lego Duplo whale

Lego Duplo whale



Another seaside inspired build, a simple seabird.

Lego Duplo seabird

Lego Duplo seabird

It’s very interesting how a color choice can affect a basic silhouette. I took the same concept for three of my ideas – a duck, chicken and seabird. The only difference is use of colors. Still, all those ideas are very recognizable. On a pic bellow you can clearly see what I talk about.

same silhouette

Santa and Rudolph

Not quite the right time, however, here is my take on a Santa and Rudolph christmas couple. Starting point from design point of view was to make them as simple and easy to make as possible, using standard and basic Lego Duplo bricks.

Lego Duplo Santa and Rudolph

Lego Duplo Santa and Rudolph

Lego ideas

Hello there!

Not many words really needed – Site name makes it pretty obvious. Lurking around will hopefully get you idea or two for your next Lego creation. Creations posted are created using mainly standard simple bricks. It surely is great to see all those 1000+ bricks creations, but not everyone is loaded with so many. Hanging around with 2 and 4-year old kids, I will begin journey with Duplo’s.

Have fun!