Movable horse

Another simple idea, made out of basic Lego Duplo bricks. This time I tried my best to inspire play with it – main feature are independently moving legs and head. Have much fun building it!

Lego Duplo movable horse


Visiting Duplo Egypt

Lego Duplo ideas visiting Egypt

Since some of my latest creations were desert/oasis/antics related, I did this Egyptian themed shot. As opposed to my previous single ones, I did a bit different shot to spice things up, mashing 4 simple Duplo creations in one single picture. Bellow you’ll find them in my regular style. Single shots are located in my galleries.


Lego Duplo Egyptian themed ideas



Badass boy in heavy weight form – minimalistic gorilla silhouette from Lego Duplo’s. This one would definitely carve its own path through the jungle. I have to say it’s a real shame I ran out of black 2×2 bricks – this one would really look great in genuine black with silverback.

You can be creative and add another brick on the bottom of the head and get a visible mouth and teeth structure. I opted for a single brick, as I think this way it retains the proportions better.

Lego Duplo Gorilla

Lego Duplo Gorilla


Video tutorial:

Great white shark

Creativity seem to come and go. Every now and then I get to the point when my head is empty and I just can’t think of any new idea for a few days. Luckily, there are times when I burst them out. Sometimes I even end up lonely in the kids room as I just need to finish something up :)

Well, that’s exactly what happened a few days ago, when I strugled hard to accomplish another creation. I started out with a simple idea of a Lego Duplo whale, but things didn’t get well. So I took my mobile phone and browsed the web for a silhouette of a shark. I think I ended up with three concepts, when I took the final shot and chose the one, containing the most basic bricks.

Tail-wise, I tried to keep the right proportions – longer upper fin.

For a jaw – I ran out of 2×4 thin blue bricks and had to use a gray one instead. It might even be better looking this way, what do you think? I put a black brick there to mimic his meat-greedy eyes. If you have any triangle shaped brick, it would look great on top of it, I had to stick with a standard 2×2 to keep it as basic as possible.

Enough words. Here it is in all its glory, the great white shark.


Lego Duplo shark

Lego Duplo great white shark


A build like that deserves it’s own video tutorial, don’t you think? There you go: