About me

Lego Duplo simple man

My Duplo autoportrait

Early years

I’m a long time Lego bricks enthusiast.

Of all the toys, Lego has had the most influence on my childhood. There is something magically atractive about those little, colorful bricks. Millions of build up possibilities, role modeling, pure physics and fine mechanics – I was sold. During my childhood I had a chance to explore many themes – from classics (including early Lego city, pirates, space, undewater worlds) to technics and eventually mindstorms. There was a time around the age of 15 where I couldn’t understood why they listed an 18 year limit on those heavy technics boxes.


High school years

By the time I reached high school I was very keen on engineering and chose civil engineering as my profession. In my last year of high school I started to develop a new hobby – guitar playing and by the time I reached college, there was no spare time for Legos and I locked them in a closet.


The comeback

Being stuck with the bricks for a great portion of my life, I was very keen to see my kids starting to play with Lego’s on their own. I soon discovered that there is a lack of simple ideas in this early toddler stage of Lego weilding. After years of abstinence it was a pleasure to clean dust off my old Legos and I was hooked once again, this time with my two kids. Ideas flew around and I had to find a way to keep all the creations. An ispirational website with repository of creations for Lego builders seemed like a good idea.

This site is dedicated to my kids and to all the parents who got lost chasing ideas for their next Lego build.