House and a tree

Playing out with our mini vehicles caused a need for a simple Lego Duplo house. House is one of the most popular builds from Duplo bricks and there are quite a few good ideas around the web.

Anyhow, I once again had to build from scratch, because I needed a really tiny one (to accompany our miniature vehicles).

For a tree I used an unussual green brick, which is in fact intended for building up a tree but with an additional trunk-shaped brick. I’m not very keen on specificaly shaped bricks. In my opinion it causes imagination to slowly slip away and the play becomes boring. But then again – we have to dance with the devil sometimes and find the use for those uninspiring pieces and implement them into useful creations.

At the time, a brown 1×2 block was at hand and we got a complementary tree for our mini house in no time :)

Lego Duplo simple house

Lego Duplo simple house and tree

Sea turtle

This extraordinary sea creature can be made out of 8 to 11 basic Lego Duplo bricks, considering the use of 2×4 instead of 2×2 bricks – I did it twice this time, bause of the lack of 2×2 brown bricks. In this exact replication you can see a 9 brick version.

I opted for genuine colors, including yellow bottom.


Lego Duplo sea turtle

Lego Duplo sea turtle


And a quick video tutorial with 360 degree side views of this build:


Great white shark

Creativity seem to come and go. Every now and then I get to the point when my head is empty and I just can’t think of any new idea for a few days. Luckily, there are times when I burst them out. Sometimes I even end up lonely in the kids room as I just need to finish something up :)

Well, that’s exactly what happened a few days ago, when I strugled hard to accomplish another creation. I started out with a simple idea of a Lego Duplo whale, but things didn’t get well. So I took my mobile phone and browsed the web for a silhouette of a shark. I think I ended up with three concepts, when I took the final shot and chose the one, containing the most basic bricks.

Tail-wise, I tried to keep the right proportions – longer upper fin.

For a jaw – I ran out of 2×4 thin blue bricks and had to use a gray one instead. It might even be better looking this way, what do you think? I put a black brick there to mimic his meat-greedy eyes. If you have any triangle shaped brick, it would look great on top of it, I had to stick with a standard 2×2 to keep it as basic as possible.

Enough words. Here it is in all its glory, the great white shark.


Lego Duplo shark

Lego Duplo great white shark


A build like that deserves it’s own video tutorial, don’t you think? There you go:




Here’s a familiar sea side vehicle, a simple sailboat. I was strugling with a design of a sail, as my first option was to use only basic bricks. At the end I gave up on that idea and I put on a rare 2×3 brick and triangle shaped one on top. In a combination like that, we get a nice triangular shape of a sail.

For a body of a boat I went with a standard white and to nail it up, I added a blue bottom line. The visible part of a mast is in standard grey color.

Lego Duplo sailboat

Lego Duplo sailboat


In comparison to my Lego Duplo doggy ideas, I tried to make wolf look meaner. Therefore I decided for an open mouth with evident gnashers. This was accomplished with stacking 2 long, narrow and thin bricks on top of each other in a slight mismatch-way. This way we get a thin tail on one side and an open mouth on the other. head is made out of two bricks. Bottom one represents the upper jaw, while the upper one replicates top of the skull and ears.

The build itself pretty much covers a nice minimalistic silhouette, one that would look even more awesome if you use some wolf-like colors.


Lego Duplo wolf

Lego Duplo wolf

Simple Diplodocus

Another giant dinosaur, minimalized to extremes. Here’s a scaled down version of Diplodocus, a beast with a small head as opposed to his extra long neck and tail. I wanted his tail to be lifted from the ground and therefore used two thin 2×4 bricks and slightly moved them apart from each other. You can use a 2×2 brick instead a rare 2×3 brick.

Lego Duplo simple Diplodocus

Lego Duplo simple Diplodocus


Another minimalistic figure, a squirrel from 6 Lego Duplo bricks. This one has such a distinctive silhouette that I didn’t bother with correct colors. Note: I experimented with a darker background, so let’s presume squirrel was running late ;)

Lego Duplo squirrel

Lego Duplo squirrel


For a perfect farm with rooster, one surely needs a chicken too. The build is easy, I used the same concept as for seabird and duck. Color choice is crucial once again.

Lego Duplo koklja

Lego Duplo chicken


Down on the farm this time, spending time with a nice rooster. Colors are crucial with this silhouette, so you might have some trouble, as brown colors are pretty rare in Lego Duplo. Bottom orange brick can easily be replaced with a standard 2×2 one.

Lego Duplo rooster

Lego Duplo rooster



Another seaside inspired build, a simple seabird.

Lego Duplo seabird

Lego Duplo seabird

It’s very interesting how a color choice can affect a basic silhouette. I took the same concept for three of my ideas – a duck, chicken and seabird. The only difference is use of colors. Still, all those ideas are very recognizable. On a pic bellow you can clearly see what I talk about.

same silhouette

Simple Tyrannosaurus rex

I already published a more sophisticated version of this dinosaur. This time I tried my best to keep it very minimalistic. Outcome is the silhouette made out of 7 Lego Duplo bricks, with visible and easily recognizable arms, legs, tail and head. I spent a lot of time trying to incorporate arms in a way to not stand out that much – as you know Tyrannosaurus has very small arms. I had to use a different color for the legs thought, as I ran out of matching colors. On the other hand I purposefully used a different color for mouth piece.


Lego Duplo simple T rex

Lego Duplo simple T rex