Ara parrot

This one is a classic – a colorful Macaw parrot. I made this one in two most distinctive color variants – classic scarlet macaw and blue-yellow macaw. I experimented a bit with beak and legs. As you can see, you can substitute them with some other darker tones with not much difference. Just keep those colorful ones in their place.

One thing – this creation won’t stand on it’s own, so I used a black colored stand.

Lego Duplo parrot

Lego Duplo scarlet macaw parrot


Lego Duplo parrot 2

Lego Duplo blue and yellow macaw parrot


Sea turtle

This extraordinary sea creature can be made out of 8 to 11 basic Lego Duplo bricks, considering the use of 2×4 instead of 2×2 bricks – I did it twice this time, bause of the lack of 2×2 brown bricks. In this exact replication you can see a 9 brick version.

I opted for genuine colors, including yellow bottom.


Lego Duplo sea turtle

Lego Duplo sea turtle


And a quick video tutorial with 360 degree side views of this build:



Another minimalistic figure, a squirrel from 6 Lego Duplo bricks. This one has such a distinctive silhouette that I didn’t bother with correct colors. Note: I experimented with a darker background, so let’s presume squirrel was running late ;)

Lego Duplo squirrel

Lego Duplo squirrel


Down on the farm this time, spending time with a nice rooster. Colors are crucial with this silhouette, so you might have some trouble, as brown colors are pretty rare in Lego Duplo. Bottom orange brick can easily be replaced with a standard 2×2 one.

Lego Duplo rooster

Lego Duplo rooster



Another seaside inspired build, a simple seabird.

Lego Duplo seabird

Lego Duplo seabird

It’s very interesting how a color choice can affect a basic silhouette. I took the same concept for three of my ideas – a duck, chicken and seabird. The only difference is use of colors. Still, all those ideas are very recognizable. On a pic bellow you can clearly see what I talk about.

same silhouette