Simple giraffe

Minimalistic concept of a giraffe, built out of only 5 basic Lego Duplo bricks. A creation with so few bricks like this one, needs  a little boost of imagination to help one associate it with a real animal. This simplistic build incorporates all the vital parts – head, long neck and legs and a tail.

Lego Duplo simple giraffe

Lego Duplo simple giraffe

Simple camel

As our minds are slowly slipping into summer mode, I’ve prepared some distinctive (and hopefully easily recognizable) desert-living animals.

lego duplo desert animals

Let’s start with a long legged, single humped camel. In comparison to giraffe you can see that these two can be made using pretty much the same bricks. Camel silhouette build is a bit more complex, as we need to extend its neck towards. Tail comes somehow short but considering those robust Lego Duplo bricks, I think the overall silhouette is pretty neat.

Lego Duplo simple camel

Lego Duplo simple camel

Big yellow bird (Sesame street)

This time another old school cartoon hero (puppet) – big (yellow) bird from Sesame street franchise. I used a round-edged “Octan” brick, which I preously used for a concrete mixer truck. Brick itself is made for a gas station sign. Another pretty rare brick is a triangle-shaped brick, used for a neck extension/back of the head.

Lego Duplo veliki rumeni ptič (Sezamova ulica)

Lego Duplo big yellow bird (Sesame street)


There are many types of whales out there. I took a silhouette of a very distinctive “giant sperm whale”. Althought a funny name, this beast is known as the largest tooth predator. You might have trouble finding a brick I used for a tail – it should work with 2×4 or 2×8 too.

Lego Duplo whale

Lego Duplo whale



Badass boy in heavy weight form – minimalistic gorilla silhouette from Lego Duplo’s. This one would definitely carve its own path through the jungle. I have to say it’s a real shame I ran out of black 2×2 bricks – this one would really look great in genuine black with silverback.

You can be creative and add another brick on the bottom of the head and get a visible mouth and teeth structure. I opted for a single brick, as I think this way it retains the proportions better.

Lego Duplo Gorilla

Lego Duplo Gorilla


Video tutorial:

House and a tree

Playing out with our mini vehicles caused a need for a simple Lego Duplo house. House is one of the most popular builds from Duplo bricks and there are quite a few good ideas around the web.

Anyhow, I once again had to build from scratch, because I needed a really tiny one (to accompany our miniature vehicles).

For a tree I used an unussual green brick, which is in fact intended for building up a tree but with an additional trunk-shaped brick. I’m not very keen on specificaly shaped bricks. In my opinion it causes imagination to slowly slip away and the play becomes boring. But then again – we have to dance with the devil sometimes and find the use for those uninspiring pieces and implement them into useful creations.

At the time, a brown 1×2 block was at hand and we got a complementary tree for our mini house in no time :)

Lego Duplo simple house

Lego Duplo simple house and tree

Great white shark

Creativity seem to come and go. Every now and then I get to the point when my head is empty and I just can’t think of any new idea for a few days. Luckily, there are times when I burst them out. Sometimes I even end up lonely in the kids room as I just need to finish something up :)

Well, that’s exactly what happened a few days ago, when I strugled hard to accomplish another creation. I started out with a simple idea of a Lego Duplo whale, but things didn’t get well. So I took my mobile phone and browsed the web for a silhouette of a shark. I think I ended up with three concepts, when I took the final shot and chose the one, containing the most basic bricks.

Tail-wise, I tried to keep the right proportions – longer upper fin.

For a jaw – I ran out of 2×4 thin blue bricks and had to use a gray one instead. It might even be better looking this way, what do you think? I put a black brick there to mimic his meat-greedy eyes. If you have any triangle shaped brick, it would look great on top of it, I had to stick with a standard 2×2 to keep it as basic as possible.

Enough words. Here it is in all its glory, the great white shark.


Lego Duplo shark

Lego Duplo great white shark


A build like that deserves it’s own video tutorial, don’t you think? There you go:




Another seaside inspired build, a simple seabird.

Lego Duplo seabird

Lego Duplo seabird

It’s very interesting how a color choice can affect a basic silhouette. I took the same concept for three of my ideas – a duck, chicken and seabird. The only difference is use of colors. Still, all those ideas are very recognizable. On a pic bellow you can clearly see what I talk about.

same silhouette