Muscle car

Summer’s coming to an end and it’s time to start building again. I tried my best to build a one off this time. Let’s put it this way – how to fulfill a classic father’s dream and incorporate some real badassness into your toddler’s play? I believe a tipical american muscle car out of basic Duplo bricks and a little imagination should do it. I had in mind a Mustang’s GTO, but a silhouette let’s you opt for a different one too.


Lego Duplo muscle car mustang gto


Tyre-wise I had to use simple black bricks, as Duplo doesn’t have any standard useful bricks, but uses a complete chassis (sort of a brick with supported tyres that do not come off). Engine brick looks as thought it was made for this model and really nails it down, doesn’t it?


Lego Duplo muscle car

Lego Duplo muscle car


Highly distinctive beast, one of Africa’s most fearsome animals, an African lion. I opted for a really big head, which I took from my T rex creation. To get the curves of the silhouette somehow right, I used a long brick to implement and integrate a lower jaw and the back of the animal. I tried to keep creation small and therefore made a body smaller (proportion-wise) in comparison to the head. You’ll notice that I used a body similar to my dog and wolf creations, so it’s pretty basic. Due to overall strength of this animal I used basic 2×2 bricks for the legs.

Overall I’m satisfied with the final build, but there is some room for improvements on the body – it came out a bit thin.

Lego Duplo lion

Lego Duplo lion

House and a tree

Playing out with our mini vehicles caused a need for a simple Lego Duplo house. House is one of the most popular builds from Duplo bricks and there are quite a few good ideas around the web.

Anyhow, I once again had to build from scratch, because I needed a really tiny one (to accompany our miniature vehicles).

For a tree I used an unussual green brick, which is in fact intended for building up a tree but with an additional trunk-shaped brick. I’m not very keen on specificaly shaped bricks. In my opinion it causes imagination to slowly slip away and the play becomes boring. But then again – we have to dance with the devil sometimes and find the use for those uninspiring pieces and implement them into useful creations.

At the time, a brown 1×2 block was at hand and we got a complementary tree for our mini house in no time :)

Lego Duplo simple house

Lego Duplo simple house and tree