Simple camel

As our minds are slowly slipping into summer mode, I’ve prepared some distinctive (and hopefully easily recognizable) desert-living animals.

lego duplo desert animals

Let’s start with a long legged, single humped camel. In comparison to giraffe you can see that these two can be made using pretty much the same bricks. Camel silhouette build is a bit more complex, as we need to extend its neck towards. Tail comes somehow short but considering those robust Lego Duplo bricks, I think the overall silhouette is pretty neat.

Lego Duplo simple camel

Lego Duplo simple camel

Big yellow bird (Sesame street)

This time another old school cartoon hero (puppet) – big (yellow) bird from Sesame street franchise. I used a round-edged “Octan” brick, which I preously used for a concrete mixer truck. Brick itself is made for a gas station sign. Another pretty rare brick is a triangle-shaped brick, used for a neck extension/back of the head.

Lego Duplo veliki rumeni ptič (Sezamova ulica)

Lego Duplo big yellow bird (Sesame street)