Visiting Duplo Egypt

Lego Duplo ideas visiting Egypt

Since some of my latest creations were desert/oasis/antics related, I did this Egyptian themed shot. As opposed to my previous single ones, I did a bit different shot to spice things up, mashing 4 simple Duplo creations in one single picture. Bellow you’ll find them in my regular style. Single shots are located in my galleries.


Lego Duplo Egyptian themed ideas


Simple giraffe

Minimalistic concept of a giraffe, built out of only 5 basic Lego Duplo bricks. A creation with so few bricks like this one, needs  a little boost of imagination to help one associate it with a real animal. This simplistic build incorporates all the vital parts – head, long neck and legs and a tail.

Lego Duplo simple giraffe

Lego Duplo simple giraffe

House and a tree

Playing out with our mini vehicles caused a need for a simple Lego Duplo house. House is one of the most popular builds from Duplo bricks and there are quite a few good ideas around the web.

Anyhow, I once again had to build from scratch, because I needed a really tiny one (to accompany our miniature vehicles).

For a tree I used an unussual green brick, which is in fact intended for building up a tree but with an additional trunk-shaped brick. I’m not very keen on specificaly shaped bricks. In my opinion it causes imagination to slowly slip away and the play becomes boring. But then again – we have to dance with the devil sometimes and find the use for those uninspiring pieces and implement them into useful creations.

At the time, a brown 1×2 block was at hand and we got a complementary tree for our mini house in no time :)

Lego Duplo simple house

Lego Duplo simple house and tree

Lego ideas

Hello there!

Not many words really needed – Site name makes it pretty obvious. Lurking around will hopefully get you idea or two for your next Lego creation. Creations posted are created using mainly standard simple bricks. It surely is great to see all those 1000+ bricks creations, but not everyone is loaded with so many. Hanging around with 2 and 4-year old kids, I will begin journey with Duplo’s.

Have fun!