Visiting Duplo Egypt

Lego Duplo ideas visiting Egypt

Since some of my latest creations were desert/oasis/antics related, I did this Egyptian themed shot. As opposed to my previous single ones, I did a bit different shot to spice things up, mashing 4 simple Duplo creations in one single picture. Bellow you’ll find them in my regular style. Single shots are located in my galleries.


Lego Duplo Egyptian themed ideas


Ara parrot

This one is a classic – a colorful Macaw parrot. I made this one in two most distinctive color variants – classic scarlet macaw and blue-yellow macaw. I experimented a bit with beak and legs. As you can see, you can substitute them with some other darker tones with not much difference. Just keep those colorful ones in their place.

One thing – this creation won’t stand on it’s own, so I used a black colored stand.

Lego Duplo parrot

Lego Duplo scarlet macaw parrot


Lego Duplo parrot 2

Lego Duplo blue and yellow macaw parrot


Angry Birds

We got hit by a popular franchise and of course we had to build them up from basic Duplo bricks. After a few unsuccessful builds I got to the point where I had to discard an idea of building up the entire range. Only a few birds and one enemy passed through the sieve – a Red, The Blues and Chuck on one side and Piggy on the other.

Design is two-dimensional because I found out that builds may be too heavyweight in ball-style. Our models looked great on toddler’s bookshelf, but since then we mold them into some other creations (with only a few pics left after them).


Lego Duplo Angry Birds Red

Lego Duplo Angry Birds Red


Lego Duplo Angry Birds Chuck

Lego Duplo Angry Birds Chuck


Lego Duplo Angry Birds The Blues

Lego Duplo Angry Birds The Blues


Lego Duplo Angry Birds Piggy

Lego Duplo Angry Birds Piggy


Muscle car

Summer’s coming to an end and it’s time to start building again. I tried my best to build a one off this time. Let’s put it this way – how to fulfill a classic father’s dream and incorporate some real badassness into your toddler’s play? I believe a tipical american muscle car out of basic Duplo bricks and a little imagination should do it. I had in mind a Mustang’s GTO, but a silhouette let’s you opt for a different one too.


Lego Duplo muscle car mustang gto


Tyre-wise I had to use simple black bricks, as Duplo doesn’t have any standard useful bricks, but uses a complete chassis (sort of a brick with supported tyres that do not come off). Engine brick looks as thought it was made for this model and really nails it down, doesn’t it?


Lego Duplo muscle car

Lego Duplo muscle car


Highly distinctive beast, one of Africa’s most fearsome animals, an African lion. I opted for a really big head, which I took from my T rex creation. To get the curves of the silhouette somehow right, I used a long brick to implement and integrate a lower jaw and the back of the animal. I tried to keep creation small and therefore made a body smaller (proportion-wise) in comparison to the head. You’ll notice that I used a body similar to my dog and wolf creations, so it’s pretty basic. Due to overall strength of this animal I used basic 2×2 bricks for the legs.

Overall I’m satisfied with the final build, but there is some room for improvements on the body – it came out a bit thin.

Lego Duplo lion

Lego Duplo lion


I experimented with an idea of a two-winged airplane, so-called biplane. I opted for a bigger version of airplane this time, which led to a wing related problem – the front wings were either to long or to short. What I did is a combination of 2×4 and 2×8 plates, carefully put together in a way, that upper left wing supports the bottom left and vice versa (bottom right wing supports the upper right). Final version is therefore super sleek but fragile too. I used a 2×8 plate for a rear wing and a see-through brick for a cabin. Later I found out that front wings should’ve been positioned a little more towards the front. Concept stays the same, so it won’t fall apart.

Lego Duplo biplane

Lego Duplo biplane

Simple camel

As our minds are slowly slipping into summer mode, I’ve prepared some distinctive (and hopefully easily recognizable) desert-living animals.

lego duplo desert animals

Let’s start with a long legged, single humped camel. In comparison to giraffe you can see that these two can be made using pretty much the same bricks. Camel silhouette build is a bit more complex, as we need to extend its neck towards. Tail comes somehow short but considering those robust Lego Duplo bricks, I think the overall silhouette is pretty neat.

Lego Duplo simple camel

Lego Duplo simple camel


There are many types of whales out there. I took a silhouette of a very distinctive “giant sperm whale”. Althought a funny name, this beast is known as the largest tooth predator. You might have trouble finding a brick I used for a tail – it should work with 2×4 or 2×8 too.

Lego Duplo whale

Lego Duplo whale



Badass boy in heavy weight form – minimalistic gorilla silhouette from Lego Duplo’s. This one would definitely carve its own path through the jungle. I have to say it’s a real shame I ran out of black 2×2 bricks – this one would really look great in genuine black with silverback.

You can be creative and add another brick on the bottom of the head and get a visible mouth and teeth structure. I opted for a single brick, as I think this way it retains the proportions better.

Lego Duplo Gorilla

Lego Duplo Gorilla


Video tutorial:

House and a tree

Playing out with our mini vehicles caused a need for a simple Lego Duplo house. House is one of the most popular builds from Duplo bricks and there are quite a few good ideas around the web.

Anyhow, I once again had to build from scratch, because I needed a really tiny one (to accompany our miniature vehicles).

For a tree I used an unussual green brick, which is in fact intended for building up a tree but with an additional trunk-shaped brick. I’m not very keen on specificaly shaped bricks. In my opinion it causes imagination to slowly slip away and the play becomes boring. But then again – we have to dance with the devil sometimes and find the use for those uninspiring pieces and implement them into useful creations.

At the time, a brown 1×2 block was at hand and we got a complementary tree for our mini house in no time :)

Lego Duplo simple house

Lego Duplo simple house and tree

Sea turtle

This extraordinary sea creature can be made out of 8 to 11 basic Lego Duplo bricks, considering the use of 2×4 instead of 2×2 bricks – I did it twice this time, bause of the lack of 2×2 brown bricks. In this exact replication you can see a 9 brick version.

I opted for genuine colors, including yellow bottom.


Lego Duplo sea turtle

Lego Duplo sea turtle


And a quick video tutorial with 360 degree side views of this build:


Great white shark

Creativity seem to come and go. Every now and then I get to the point when my head is empty and I just can’t think of any new idea for a few days. Luckily, there are times when I burst them out. Sometimes I even end up lonely in the kids room as I just need to finish something up :)

Well, that’s exactly what happened a few days ago, when I strugled hard to accomplish another creation. I started out with a simple idea of a Lego Duplo whale, but things didn’t get well. So I took my mobile phone and browsed the web for a silhouette of a shark. I think I ended up with three concepts, when I took the final shot and chose the one, containing the most basic bricks.

Tail-wise, I tried to keep the right proportions – longer upper fin.

For a jaw – I ran out of 2×4 thin blue bricks and had to use a gray one instead. It might even be better looking this way, what do you think? I put a black brick there to mimic his meat-greedy eyes. If you have any triangle shaped brick, it would look great on top of it, I had to stick with a standard 2×2 to keep it as basic as possible.

Enough words. Here it is in all its glory, the great white shark.


Lego Duplo shark

Lego Duplo great white shark


A build like that deserves it’s own video tutorial, don’t you think? There you go: