Visiting Duplo Egypt

Lego Duplo ideas visiting Egypt

Since some of my latest creations were desert/oasis/antics related, I did this Egyptian themed shot. As opposed to my previous single ones, I did a bit different shot to spice things up, mashing 4 simple Duplo creations in one single picture. Bellow you’ll find them in my regular style. Single shots are located in my galleries.


Lego Duplo Egyptian themed ideas



Here’s my take on a simple Lego Duplo dog. I added some additional colors to make it stand out (I didn’t bother about the breed yet).

Lego Duplo Dog

Lego Duplo Dog


A fictional hero, one of the toughest ever created. As you see, I decided to add some weight on his hands. All those muscles simply must stand out somehow. You’d better not make him angry, thought…


Lego Duplo Hulk

Lego Duplo Hulk


The one and only (as long as we talk about Super heroes), the famous Superman. This Lego Duplo creation wouldn’t be perfect without the cloak, so I had to do something about it. It is attached with a tape, therefore not so “super clean” build, but nevertheless, it looks awesome this way.

Lego Duplo Superman

Lego Duplo Superman




The Simpsons

A modern american classic, series The Simpsons in basic Lego Duplo edition. Here’s my take on three of the most famous Simpson characters, from the left: Homer, Marge and their troublemaker Burt.

Lego Duplo The Simpsons

Lego Duplo The Simpsons

Maya the Bee

Here comes the three main characters from Maya the Bee (Die Biene Maja), classic German book, followed by cartoons an movies. From the left: Willy (Willi), Flip (Philip) and Maya (Maja).

Lego Duplo Maya The Bee

Lego Duplo Maya the Bee



An “earth lizard”, known as Edaphosaurus had a giant sail along his back. Even the scientist are unsure about its function. Maybe I went over the top with it’s giant teeth, but it looks great to me this way.

Lego Duplo Edaphosaurus

Lego Duplo Edaphosaurus

Gargamel and Azrael

Starting with Smurfs it would be a shame not to include Gargamel, the main antagonist and the sworn enemy of the Smurfs, along with his loyal companion, cat Azrael.

Lego Duplo Gargamel Azrael

Lego Duplo Gargamel and Azrael



Here’s my take on these cartoon characters. Many generations will identify with these lovely characters since they’ve been around for 50+ years! Here in super basic Lego Duplo edition, from the left: random smurf (be it Brainy, Greedy, Vanity, Lazy, Clumsy, Hefty, Jokey, Dreamy or Grouchy), Papa Smurf (the leader) and the only female character, Smurfette.

Lego Duplo Smurfs

Lego Duplo Smurfs


Four legged creature, famous by its elongated spikes on the back. It’s name, however, represents “two shapes of tooth” in reference to sets of both small and large teeth.

Lego Duplo Dimetrodon dinosaur

Lego Duplo Dimetrodon



Amphibian dinosaur, named as “fish roof” (Greek). Its skull may not’ve been as large as of my Duplo reproduction one, but it surely was an evil looking beast.

Lego Duplo Ichtyostega dinosaur

Lego Duplo Ichtyostega